PopDeal FAQ
1. General Questions
What are Service Fees?

PopDeal has no upfront payment or setup fees - We pride ourselves on deal or free. Our service fees range from my market to market and whether it is a sales and rental transaction. Contact Us for more information.

PopDeal is remunerated after the agent close a transaction. We only win, when you win!

Do I need to add my listings?
2. How it Works
How does PopDeal assign referrals to agents?
How can I receive more Referrals?
3. Lead Alerts
How do I Claim or Skip leads?
How do I receive Lead Alerts?
I won the lead, but I didn't receive confirmation. What happened?
I tried to claim a referral alert and got an 'Already Claimed' or 'Expired' notice. What happened?
4. PopDeal Manager
How often do I need to update my active referrals in the PopDeal Manager?
When do I hold or release a referral?
How do I make status updates?
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