How to get a face-to-face meeting

PopDeal speaks with interested home buyers and sellers, and introduces them directly to an agent. The introduction is great, however, a face-to-face meeting is really what defines whether or not a deal will close.

In 90% of closes that occur from PopDeal introductions, the agent and consumer met in person within 12 days of the initial introduction.

A few tips to successfully transition the introduction from Popdeal into a face-to-face meeting include:

Contact the consumer immediately. Speed to lead is critical for conversion and progressing the client from introduction to the first viewing (in-person or virtually)
Reaffirm they don't have to repeat what they've already shared. You will have already received some of the key information from PopDeal.
Avoid overwhelming the consumer. They may not have expected a call so quickly - Try to avoid asking the same questions they have already answered. Focus on setting up the time to meet in-person where you can go into more details.
Build credibility. There are a lot of agents out there, take a moment to reassure the consumer that you are a top agent in their area and that you are here as a resource to them.

Here is an outline of how a call might go with a PopDeal referral. Feel free to use this language when speaking with clients you meet through, and make it your own as you get more comfortable with the handoff.

Hello, I'm {{first_name }}. It's great to connect with you!

<pause for consumer to greet you>

I don't want to take up too much more of your time, but I would just like to spend another minute or two introducing myself and explaining next steps.

<Insert a short introduction of yourself. For example: Like I said, I’m John, I’ve been a real estate agent for 15 years. I specialize in helping first time homebuyers navigate the process, so I’m sure I can help you in your property search.>

I am looking at some of your property preferences right now such as price range, ideal location and property type. There is no need to repeat all of the info to me, but I'd like to ask just a few questions for further clarification.

<Insert open ended questions allowing the Referral to clarify their preferences and timeframe>

I'd be happy to set up a showing for any properties you're interested in, and will also share a few additional properties you might like based on your preferences.

<pause for consumer to confirm that is okay or ask a question>

The best way for us to get started is to meet in person so we can get to know each other and I can learn more about your dream home. I see your preferred day and time to meet is <XYZ>. Does that still work for you?

Great, my office is at <address>, is that location convenient for you?

<pause for consumer to respond>.

I'll send you a quick text confirmation, and that way you will also have my number. I'm here to partner with you in this process, and am available any time you have questions.

Do you have any questions for me right now?

<pause for consumer to respond>

Great, well thank you for your time today. I'm really looking forward to meeting you on <date and time>.

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